Sword and buckler. Promotional Video

October 12, 2016

It is good to notice the blade movement presented beneath, based on the Ms I.33 treatise. The technique most often used is the so called "slicing cut", where the blade slides next to the target pushing against it with the edge, slicing with a very long surface of its edge. It is crucial to properly generate the pushing force as it can easily destabilize the opponents structure and move aside his central line, exposing him to more attacks, disabling him from an effective counter or just simply throwing him to the ground.

MS I.33 connects techniques of brutal hews, and extraordinary precise control and weapon engagement. It is good to underline repeatedly used ward called halpshilt, which is an efficient invitation for great defensive and offensive actions. It is performed through gripping of the blades forte with the buckler hand.

One of the important aspect of the buckler use is the constant ability to cover the armed hand. It allows for efficient defense of the wielder even while performing broader actions within closer distance without opening for the enemy attacks within the movement tempo. It as well allows to obscure the weapon, so it is possible to make attacks from surprising angles.

Finally the last element to point out is the body axis and general position of the user. Bent body axis allows for quick changes of the distance through proper use of the rear foot. It is as well an efficient position to properly manage and engage in very close distances. without the lost of the structure.

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